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Flexible payment model for using exoskeleton, comfortable delivery to your home

Movement freedom

Felling of freedom

Rehab program
by ML algorith

ML algorithms and adopted to different illness of movements

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You can choose the plan of using UniExo exoskeleton, we are provide of three options:


Per month


Per month

€20 K


Frequently asked questions
about uniexo rehab

Is a service platform, where patients will be able to rent a suitable exoskeleton for a rehabilitation period assigned by the doctor. The device can be use through in different locations and for assistance in home. Upon the termination of the rehab program, the patient will return the exoskeleton device back to UniExo rehab, for the next clients to use.

We are using subscription model for our clients. Usually it’s 889 or 999 $ per month.  You can choose comfortable  plan and contact with your doctor.  

Yes, with doctor’s recomendation it’s possible.The exoskeleton helps people rehabilitate after moderate and severe injuries, as well as after fractures.  If an exoskeleton is certified as PPE, based on European Regulation 89/686/EEC, it can be used for preventive purposes to avoid work-related or overuse injuries.

Идея создания UniExo и мотивация для создания экзоскелетов возникла 5 лет назад, когда моя бабушка потеряла контроль над рукой, и из-за болезни она не могла нормально двигаться, а реабилитационное лечение обходилось дорого. Я черпал вдохновение из фильма «Железный человек», где был показан роботизированный костюм для человека, и я понял, что могу создать аналогичную технологию в реальной жизни для медицины.

UniExo developed a cloud robotics platform to go with the suit,  can deliver real-time data to provide the basis for machine learning and carry KPIs to end users, while also enabling remote maintenance as well as over-the-air software updates.

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Our professional team

The exoskeleton helps people rehabilitate after moderate and severe injuries, as well as after fractures.
Anton Holovachenko
Founder & CEO
Within 5 years, we have come a long way to create an advanced high-tech device.
Tatiana Holovachenko
Co-founder & CTO
For UniExo we are developing the new business model for affordable access to use devices.
Eugene Lukyanov
Business developer
Main goal of physical therapy is as much recovery of motor functions of the patient.
Andriy Pentsak
Physical therapist